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The Downsizing of Business Intelligence By The Uprising of Handy BI Tools

Times have changed. Business Intelligence (BI) are no longer exclusive to the expertise of hard-core IT professionals – Data Analyst, Report Designer or BI Specialist. Today the Accounting people, the Finance guys or an IT Admin staff with exposure to … Continue reading

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The Power of Two

The Power of Two MS-Excel and Notepad Come In Handy in MS-SQL Server  Database Migration  Move over  Pentaho, Talend. One interesting projects I got involved is the MS-SQL Server database migration to the new primary database. St. John Ambulance-South Australia … Continue reading

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The Renaissance of Change – The New Market Economy, Megatrend Technologies and Business Trends

What’s in a change? Position yourself as a professional working for an organisation, connected in any form of technology, personal and professional, and living in an economic condition induced by global market factors. What initiates change? Is the smart phone … Continue reading

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Noisy Children in the Church

Whenever I am in the Church early for the Mass, I always catch myself unconsciously looking around for any child nearby where I am seated. Always! Later, when I am conscious enough to peruse this strange behavior, I soon realized … Continue reading

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Financial Solutions: The Manila Battleground

Target Manila For the players this has been the battle cry. The vibrancy of competition for financial solutions market in the Philippines shows no signs of abating. With the country’s sound economic fundamentals and robust growth, investors flock in, cash … Continue reading

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BI, Anyone? A Handy Business Intelligence Approach

More often when people bumped the terms ‘Data Warehousing’, ‘Business Intelligence (BI)’ or ‘Data Mining’, they think of state-of-the-art tools and complex tech stuff comprehensible only to tech geeks.  They squirm just by the thought of it  and they let … Continue reading

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