Blog Subjects

Life is a journey. Our journey is enriched by our discoveries – insightful personal discoveries and rewarding professional or technical learning. With the author’s fascination with aviation, the enchanting journey is carried through a Flight perspective.

Flight’s Delights, Plight and Plays Your amusing anecdote that made your day or walking in cel photosleazy encounter that ruins a day. This subject talks about your chance encounters with events, people and places that dismay or delights you, your vexations or the occasion that soothes you. Any occasion that cheers or cracks your day from rude people, pleasant stranger, great customer service, poor public service, unreasonable boss, a job well-done by a colleague and the likes.

Extra-ordinary Insights on Ordinary Sights What you discovered today? It talks about your insightful discoveries from mundane observations to deeper life’s reflections.  Share a random act of kindness that moved you.  On the lighter side these are ARK1your discovered ‘flaws’ in a TV commercial or goofs in the movie you just saw, or how tasteful a sundae plunged into an ice-cold Coke.  Deeply, your human interest experiences, the deeper side of yourself by sharing the wisdom and insights learned from an ordinary encounter with people or events

Game Changers is about the change on global economic landscape along with the onset of emerging technologies and new business trends sparked by respective change in world World Economy - Money and Globeeconomy. global business practices and megatrend technologies. The collaboration of technology, business practices and world economic landscape that change the game and triggers an impetus for a new wave of digital mega-trend,  emerging business models and a new normal global economy that eventually transform our lifestyle and the we do business

Tech Talk and Toys is like saying ‘Let’s talk tech and toys’. It is about hyped or suave Tools keyboard chipstechnology tools and stylish tiny devices that drive lifestyle and productivity. These devices are evaluated in pragmatic sense if they are overly glorified, hyped, hipped or trusty handy gadgets with real use. Or they might just be expensive toys worshipped through brand idolatry TM

Financial Solution Marketplace This is my take. Here it presents the competitive market for financial solution services in the Philippines. Banks and other financial Software Vendor - Software MOduleinstitutions cater to a point solution software such as Treasury, Trust, Trade Finance,  etc.  to automate the operation


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