The Flight Dashes Blog

The Dash Blog

The title represents a life’s journey and the insights on technical experiences, political and social events and human interest issues anyone would discover and be confronted with as the flight traverses along the open air of turbulence and serenity.

This is an experimental Blog and perennial modifications are being made and thus, technically a test blog. Breaking the subject-specific rules of blogging, this website is interlaced with myriad of topics – human interests, technology, global economic and business trends, personal views and sports. Eventually, this blog will be broken into two or three blog sites with respective specific content.

As you may have seen, Flight Dashes 2013 blog is hosted solution, thanks to WordPress’ initiative.  Being on hosted by WordPress in lieu of domain hosting, the Blog’s capacity, sidebar, plug-ins, search engine visibility and other features are relatively limited.  Having said so, a Blog’s ultimate sophistication is the credibility and substance of its content.

 Depending on the traffic (hopefully) it creates through active participation of regular visitors, random guests and ‘googling’ surfers or general interests it generates from readers, the Flight Dashes 2013 blog will be inevitably migrated into a public domain and hosting.

 To all friends, colleagues, mates, intent surfers or fellow bloggers who would bump into this blog, it would be interesting to hear from as share your thoughts in any of the contents.  I look forward to hearing from you always. See you around the Net.


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